At Pharminox our strategy for innovation is simple - we bring together creative chemistry, developmental pharmacology, and validated cancer screening techniques to identify potential development candidates and their clinical targets.

Our world class chemistry team, led by Dr Marc Hummersone, has a strong track record in the discovery of new cancer therapies, including temozolomide, which is now a leading treatment for brain cancer.

Our chemistry driven approach is focused on identifying efficient ligands that have high specificity for the defined biological target. We ensure that, wherever possible, our compounds exploit un-patented chemical space and represent novel small molecules that are both synthetically accessible, and have predictable and promising pharmaceutical properties. This approach allows the team to promote the advancement of compounds that have the highest probability of progressing into and through development.

All of our compounds come from rational drug design programmes which utilise cutting edge in silico approaches such as molecular modelling,  cheminformatics statistical analysis and structural biology. Once a robust SAR is determined for a hit series our medicinal chemists work to identify a chemical strategy to allow optimisation of physicochemical properties around chemical series. This design-intensive phase helps to ensure progression of the best lead series. Important factors such as solubility, permeability, metabolism, resistance mechanisms, and off-target receptor liabilities amongst others are evaluated in vitro and in vivo before a series is allowed to progress to lead optimisation. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic aspects are then explored to ensure compound exposure, rate of action and site of action are appropriate relative to the biological target and therapeutic indication.

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